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      Focus on sanitary diaphragm valve / sampling valve / pipe fitting / filter, the products are widely used in pharmaceutical, biological, dairy, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, food and other fields.
      Product Display

      Professional Sampling Valve / Angle Seat Valve / Sanitary Diaphragm Valve / Sanitary Pipe Fitting / Sanitary Valve Manufacturer

      Product Display

      Professional sanitary product manufacturer · Non-standard customization according to customer requirements
      About Baiji
      Good quality comes from our efforts
      Baiji specializes in the production of angle seat valves, tank bottom valve fittings, and other sanitary products, which are widely used in pharmaceutical, biological, dairy, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, food and other fluid control systems.
      Wenzhou Baiji machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of wenzhou longwan district, 4 kilometers away from the airport, the nature of the enterprise is a joint-stock company, the existing staff of more than 40 people, including 8 engineering and technical personnel. Is specialized in fluid machinery products development, manufacturing, sales, installation and other integrated modern enterprises. Our company takes talent development, technology and productivity improvement as the first factor, focusing on talent training and innovation ability. Developed a series of sampling valve, Angle seat valve, tank bottom valve fittings, sanitary diaphragm valve and other sanitary products, for the enterprise to create a good development power. Contribute to the economic construction of the country.
      Quality Assurance
      Trust because of professionalism

      Baiji always insists on making the most professional products in the most familiar fields

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      郵編: 325024

      電話: 0577-86910816   86910817

      傳真: 0577-86910815 

      網址: http://www.cnbaji.com

      E-mail: cnbaiji@ 163.com

      手機:13968833386  18968890818



      閥體材料: 鑄鋼閥體GB/T1220(00cr17ni14mo2) ASTM/A276uns(316L S31603)
      密封材料:PEFE /石墨、 Graphite



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